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Experience Seamless Medical Billing Solutions with MedFactor Inc. Choose us as your trusted partner to outsource your medical billing needs. At MedFactor, we are more than just a billing solution. Our dedicated team at MedFactor Inc, comprised of skilled medical billers and coders, ensures the accurate transcription of patient data into billing codes and the timely preparation of claims. With our expertise, we expedite the overall process, guaranteeing that medical practices receive maximum reimbursements in a shorter time frame. With over a decade of serving doctors, MedFactor Inc. is your go-to provider for reliable and efficient medical billing services.

Key Features of Medical Billing Solutions

Charge Entry

Our systematic charge entry process ensures over 99% accuracy, minimizing errors and maximizing first-time claim approvals. Daily charge entry by professional billers maintains up-to-date records, preventing delays. Thorough checks guarantee precise accuracy, improving financial outcomes and practice management.

Claim Submission

Medfactor Inc. excels in electronic and paper-based claim submissions, meticulously focusing on the details of Medicaid, Medicare, and major insurance carriers' formats. Our expertise ensures accurate and compliant submissions, maximizing reimbursement efficiency and minimizing claim rejections.

Payment Posting

ERAs and EOBs are timely verified and posted, ensuring accurate payment allocation to the patient's account, while we verify each claim for appropriate payment. Account receivable reports offer crucial insights into the provider's financial health, and payment posting aids in assessing billing and collection performance and issue identification.

Claim Scrubbing

Our reliable claim scrubbing process ensures accuracy by identifying and eliminating errors in billing codes, a major cause of claim rejections and denials. By thoroughly reviewing and correcting claims before submission to payers, we increase the chances of successful reimbursement and reduce the risk of claim-related issues.

Billing and Collection

Medfactor Inc.'s billing team understands the importance of timely payment claim collection, as it directly impacts the revenue targets of medical practices. With proactive follow-ups with each payer, Medfactor Inc. outperforms other medical billing companies, ensuring a streamlined billing process and maximizing revenue generation.

Patient Statment

Once we have verified the appropriate payment from all payers, if there remains an outstanding balance owed by the patient, our system automatically generates a detailed statement. This comprehensive statement includes a thorough breakdown of the due balance and is promptly issued to the patient, ensuring transparency and facilitating timely payment processing.

6 main reasons explaining why to choose us

We Have All Your Billing Needs Covered
Billing accuracy
99% billing accuracy – we make sure each claim we submit goes through validations to make it clean.
Daily Work
Daily work on pre-bill, clearing housing, and insurance rejections.
Our billing system
You’ll always have access to your billing system and records. We work through your servers.
We make sure to submit claims within 24 hours of receiving
Aggressive follow-up
Aggressive follow-up on all submitted claims not paid within 60 days.
Happy Client
We are very strict when it comes to HIPPA compliance. Your trust is our religion.
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Here are some frequently asked questions

A billing statement is a monthly document that summarizes financial transactions between a customer and a company, including purchases, payments, fees, interest, and the total balance owed. It helps track spending, identify errors, manage finances, and serves as a tool for budgeting and maintaining a clear transaction record. Paying bills on time is important for avoiding late fees and maintaining good credit.

Yes, you can outsource medical billing. Outsourcing medical billing is a common practice in the healthcare industry. Many healthcare providers choose to delegate their billing and administrative tasks to specialized companies or third-party vendors with expertise in managing medical billing processes. By outsourcing, healthcare providers can focus more on patient care while leaving billing tasks to professionals who specialize in this area.

Our dedicated billing staff diligently reviews and files your claims within 24 to 48 business hours. To ensure the fastest and most efficient processing, we utilize electronic submission methods. This approach saves time, conserves energy, and minimizes human or administrative errors in the medical billing process. By prioritizing timely claim submission and leveraging technology, we strive to optimize reimbursement and streamline your billing operations.

At MedFactor , unpaid claims are promptly addressed. Our dedicated team actively follows up, investigates discrepancies, and provides necessary documentation. We initiate appeals if needed, leveraging our expertise to maximize revenue and ensure timely reimbursement.